Who Is Bella Thorne Dating?


Bella Thorne, the proficient and beautiful actress, at all times manages to maintain her fans on their toes when it comes to her love life. With her charming performances and gorgeous appears, it’s no marvel individuals are curious to know who she is currently relationship. In this text, we will delve into the romantic lifetime of Bella Thorne, exploring her previous relationships and uncovering the most recent particulars about her current partner. So, let’s dive in!

Love Life Chronicles: Bella Thorne’s Past Relationships

Before we delve into Bella Thorne’s current dating standing, it’s necessary to make a journey down memory lane and discover the actress’s previous relationships. Bella Thorne has at all times been open about her private life, typically sharing glimpses of her romantic journey with her fans through social media platforms.

  1. Tristan Klier (2012-2014): Bella Thorne’s first notable relationship was with Tristan Klier. The two had been highschool sweethearts and seemed inseparable. However, like many young love tales, their romance got here to an end in 2014.

  2. Brandon Lee (2015): Following her breakup with Tristan Klier, Bella Thorne was seen spending quality time with Brandon Lee, the son of iconic actor Bruce Lee. Their relationship was short-lived but attracted significant media consideration.

  3. Gregg Sulkin (2015-2016): Bella Thorne’s most publicized relationship so far was with English actor Gregg Sulkin. The couple showcased their affection for one another via lovable social media posts. Unfortunately, their love story met its finish after a 12 months of relationship.

  4. Tyler Posey (2016): Soon after her breakup with Gregg Sulkin, Bella Thorne sparked rumors of a romance with actor Tyler Posey. The two have been incessantly seen collectively, however their relationship finally fizzled out.

  5. Charlie Puth (2016): Bella Thorne’s relationship life took an sudden flip when she briefly dated singer Charlie Puth. Their relationship was full of drama and public feuds, finally resulting in its demise.

The Current Flame: Who is Bella Thorne Dating Now?

Now that we have reminisced about Bella Thorne’s previous relationships, let’s shift our focus to the present. Who is Bella Thorne dating now? Well, currently, Bella Thorne is in a polyamorous relationship. In early 2019, she publicly announced her romance with both Italian musician Benjamin Mascolo and entrepreneur Alex Martini.

Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo

Bella Thorne’s relationship with Benjamin Mascolo started heating up in April 2019, following her split with Mod Sun. Benjamin Mascolo is an Italian pop star, recognized for being one half of the popular duo Benji & Fede. Bella’s fans had been thrilled to see her happy and in love, as the couple frequently posted cute footage on their respective social media accounts.

Bella Thorne and Alex Martini

While Bella Thorne’s relationship with Benjamin Mascolo was already capturing attention, she shocked everybody by announcing her involvement with Alex Martini, an entrepreneur. Bella has at all times been open about her sexuality and her want to explore completely different relationship dynamics. With her announcement of courting both Benjamin Mascolo and Alex Martini, she made it clear that she embraces the concept of polyamory.

The Beauty of Polyamory: Bella Thorne’s Relationship Dynamic

Bella Thorne’s determination to embrace polyamory sheds gentle on a relationship dynamic that is often misunderstood or missed. Polyamory, at its core, is about embracing a number of consensual relationships simultaneously, with the information and consent of all involved events. It challenges the societal norms surrounding monogamy and highlights the significance of communication, belief, and openness in romantic relationships.

Polyamory allows individuals to discover completely different facets of affection and connections, and for Bella Thorne, it appears to be an ideal fit. Through her real and clear strategy to her love life, Bella has become an advocate for the acceptance and normalization of alternative relationship structures.


As we wrap up our exploration of Bella Thorne’s dating life, it’s clear that she is an individual who embraces love in all its types. From her highschool sweetheart to her polyamorous present, Bella Thorne has demonstrated her willingness to embark on numerous romantic journeys. As followers, we will solely admire her authenticity and braveness to stay life on her own terms.

So, if you find yourself questioning, "Who is Bella Thorne dating?" simply bear in mind, she is exploring the beautiful world of polyamory with each Benjamin Mascolo and Alex Martini. As Bella continues to pursue her performing career and advocate for love in all its forms, we eagerly await to see what the longer term holds for her romantic endeavors.


  1. Who is Bella Thorne courting currently?
    As of my information, Bella Thorne is currently relationship Benjamin Mascolo, who’s an Italian musician and singer. The couple made their relationship public in April 2019 via social media posts and have been actively sharing their love on varied platforms.

  2. Was Bella Thorne ever in a relationship with Tana Mongeau?
    Yes, Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau were in a polyamorous relationship for a few year. It started in 2017 and resulted in February 2019. During their relationship, they have been open about their love for each other, posted footage together on social media, and attended occasions as a couple.

  3. Did Bella Thorne date any of her co-stars?
    Yes, Bella Thorne has been involved in relationships with a few of her co-stars. Notably, she dated Gregg Sulkin, her co-star from the Disney Channel TV show "Shake It Up." They were collectively for a couple of 12 months before splitting amicably in 2016. Additionally, Bella had a quick relationship with Tyler Posey, another actor who starred alongside her within the TV series "Famous in Love."

  4. Was Bella Thorne in a luchycrush relationship with Mod Sun?
    Yes, Bella Thorne was in a relationship with rapper Mod Sun. The couple dated from October 2017 to April 2019. They typically showcased their relationship on social media platforms and attended quite a few public occasions collectively. Despite their breakup, Bella and Mod Sun have expressed remaining pals and maintaining a constructive relationship.

  5. Who was Bella Thorne’s first high-profile relationship?
    Bella Thorne’s first high-profile relationship was with actor and singer Cody Simpson. They began relationship in 2011. Their relationship, which lasted for about three years, gained important media attention due to their younger age and rising fame. However, they eventually ended their romance on good terms in 2014, citing their busy schedules and problem maintaining a long-distance relationship as the reasons.

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